The yank respiratory organ Association cares|worries|is bothered} about the health impacts of marijuana use, particularly on respiratory organ health. we have a tendency to caution the general public against smoking marijuana attributable to the risks it poses to respiratory organ health.

Scientists are researching marijuana currently, and also the yank respiratory organ Association encourages continuing analysis into the consequences of marijuana use on respiratory organ health.


The health effects of marijuana are determined in giant half by however it’s consumed. Marijuana is most typically smoke-cured victimization pipes, bongs, paper-wrapped joints, blunts, and alternative devices together with those who heat or vaporize marijuana. Marijuana also can be consumed through dozens of various merchandise together with candy, brownies capsules, beverages and plenty of additional.

While this statement focuses on marijuana and respiratory organ health, it is important to notice that there are alternative health issues outside the lungs attributed to marijuana use that aren’t self-addressed here, together with neurologic and psychological feature effects.1,2

Additionally, there are important public health issues related to pediatric poisonings caused by an accidental bodily process of edible marijuana merchandise.3

Marijuana Smoke

Smoke is harmful to respiratory organ health. whether or not from burning wood, tobacco or marijuana, toxins and carcinogens are discharged from the combustion of materials. Smoke from marijuana combustion has been shown to contain several similar toxins, irritants, and carcinogens as tobacco smoke.4-7

Beyond simply what is within the smoke alone, marijuana is usually smoke-cured otherwise than tobacco. Marijuana smokers tend to inhale additional deeply and hold their breath longer than coffin nail smokers, that ends up in a bigger exposure per breath to tar.8

Secondhand marijuana smoke contains several of similar toxins and carcinogens found indirectly indrawn marijuana smoke, in similar amounts if less.5 whereas there’s no information on the health consequences of respiration secondhand marijuana smoke, there’s concern that it may cause harmful health effects, particularly among vulnerable youngsters within the home. extra analysis on the health effects of secondhand marijuana smoke is required.

Lung Health and Marijuana Smoke

Smoking marijuana clearly damages the human respiratory organ. analysis shows that smoking marijuana causes bronchitis and marijuana smoke has been shown to injure the cell linings of the big airways, that may justify why smoking marijuana ends up in symptoms like chronic cough, phlegm production, wheeze and acute respiratory illness.4,9

Smoking marijuana has additionally been joined to cases of air pockets in between each lungs and between the lungs and also the chest wall, furthermore as giant air bubbles within the lungs among young to old adults, largely significant smokers of marijuana. However, it is not doable to determine whether or not these occur additional often among marijuana smokers than the final population.4

Smoking marijuana will hurt quite simply the lungs and systema respiratorium – it also can have an effect on the system and also the body’s ability to fight unwellness, particularly for those whose immune systems ar already weakened from immunological disorder medication or diseases, like HIV infection.4,9

Smoking marijuana hurts the lungs’ 1st line of defense against infection by killing cells that facilitate take away mud and germs furthermore as inflicting additional secretion to be shaped. additionally, it additionally suppresses the system. These effects may lead to an associate hyperbolic risk of lower tract infections among marijuana smokers, though there’s no clear proof of such actual infections being additional common among marijuana smokers.4,9 However, frequent marijuana-only smokers have additional care visits for metastasis conditions compared to nonsmokers.10

Studies have shown that smoking marijuana might increase the danger of expedient infections among those that are HIV positive, though it doesn’t appear to have an effect on the event of AIDS or lower leukocyte counts.4,9

Another potential threat to those with weakened immune systems is fungus genus, a mold which will cause respiratory organ disorders. It will grow on marijuana, that if then smoke-cured exposes the lungs to the present plant life.4 However, it seldom causes issues in folks with healthy immune systems.

Medical Marijuana

The yank respiratory organ Association encourages continuing analysis into the health effects of marijuana use because the edges, risks, and safety of marijuana use for medical functions need any study. Patients considering victimization marijuana for healthful functions ought to build this call in consultation with their doctor, and think about means that of administration aside from smoking.

Bottom Line

Smoking marijuana clearly damages the human respiratory organ, associated regular use ends up in bronchitis and may cause an immune-compromised person to be added at risk of respiratory organ infections. nobody ought to be exposed to secondhand marijuana smoke. thanks to the risks it poses to respiratory organ health, the yank respiratory organ Association powerfully cautions the general public against smoking marijuana furthermore as tobacco merchandise. additional analysis is required into the consequences of marijuana on health, particularly respiratory organ health.